[One-Shot] Nothing, that's what I know.

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    [Nothing; that's what I know.]


    I don't know how to express things.
    I don't know what they are talking about when they discuss maths or chemistry.
    But I do know, that they think I don't know anything.
    But that, I know, is wrong.

    It's true, I suck at most. I'm clumsy, I'm hysteric and I'm a girl.
    The last shouldn't sound as negative as it did.
    My life is a mess. Now even more.
    I'm loud and often annoyed but I ain't stupid.
    I just see things from a different point of view.
    And that's what they call 'stupid' or 'silly'. People are selfish.
    They talk about persons. Without really knowing them they turn them down. Without even trying to understand.
    Just so they can feel better.

    I used to watch people with their hopes high. I used to watch them all day.
    Everyone is the same. They all have one dream. To fulfil their others dreams.
    Dreams. That's what nobody can forbid. But I also used to watch
    people how their dreams got smash, like a stone that meet's the cold exterior of a glasswall.
    Yeah, just like that.

    Some carried on, some just stayed down.
    I saw tons of girls getting heart-broken. I saw teachers getting fired.
    I saw millions of feet which tried their hardes to go on.
    And I saw double as much fail as success.

    Humen have a strong body, with which they cover the weaker part.
    Their souls.
    I saw tons of human, ton's of bodys, millions of failings.
    And I know how they felt, but they went on.

    There are tons of rocks, tons of money and tons of muscles.
    But what means all the knowledge, all the strengh and all the property if just one smile can break you?

    Nothing. I know that.

    [CENTER][SIZE=2]My 0.00000001 percent chance of marrying Alex Gaskarth still beats [/SIZE]
    [/CENTER][CENTER][SIZE=2] your 0 percent chance of marrying Edward Cullen. [/SIZE]

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  • Dein Oneshot hat mir gut gefallen.
    Obwohl dein Englisch, wie du sicher weißt, nicht perfekt ist, hat es trotzdem irgendwie einen fließenden Rhythmus. Ich finds gut, wie die Ich-Erzählerin alles beobachtet, ohne eingreifen zu können oder zu wollen; spiegelt unsere Zeit ganz gut wieder. Sie ist zu deprimiert oder hat nicht die Kraft dafür, das hast du schön ausgedrückt.