Sims4 startet nicht mehr

  • Hallo Community, ich brauche dringend eure Hilfe!
    Seit einem Update von Sims gestern (04.12.15) startet Sims4 nicht mehr :( es erscheint immer eine Fehlermeldung... was kann ich tun?!? Bitte helft mir!

  • Ich habe dazu gerade folgendes gefunden:

    1. Go into regedit with admin rights and check the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/Maxis/The Sims 4
    In there I only had on string value with the name GDFBinary and the value: D:\Games\Origin\Games\The Sims 4\__Installer\GDFBinary_da_DK.dll
    What I then did was add the following:
    2. Add string value of "Install Dir" with the value of GDFBinary except \__Installer\GDFBinary_da_DK.dll
    So the value will be: D:\Games\Origin\Games\The Sims 4
    3. Add a new string value with the name "Locale" and put in the value of whatever the locale of your GDFBinary is. eg. Mine is da_DK, yours might be en_UK and so on. I put in the value da_DK
    4. Now I am able to run the game!
    So to recap I now have the following three string values:
    GDFbinary with value: D:\Games\Origin\Games\The Sims 4\__Installer\GDFBinary_da_DK.dll
    Install Dir with value: D:\Games\Origin\Games\The Sims 4
    Locale with value: da_DK"